Welcome to the Little Orange Buddha Blog - Little Orange Buddha
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Welcome to the Little Orange Buddha Blog

Bob Little Orange BuddhaBob Jr. is a fat, orange, cast-off cat straight outa Chicago’s … municipal shelter. Despite his rough beginnings, he is a round gentle soul who gets along with just about everyone. He ranks among the blessed problem solvers within my pride of six, and eschews shit-disturbing. And he epitomizes civility, even in the presence of the nastiest of nasty calico cats, which I also happen to have. Yes, he may firmly be a cat, but he doubles as a very rare bird.

This blog attempts to harness my inner Bob Jr. (if he’s in there) to explore with an open, objective, and compassionate mind that fraught, often contentious place known as animal welfare here in Chicago — and no doubt in many other cities and towns. During my two years as director of the City’s open access shelter (and many years prior as a volunteer), I had the opportunity to see what most will not: Thousands of animals of all kinds, the wild and tame, the abandoned, stray, abused, neglected, injured, ill and dead coming through the shelter’s doors. And I had an opportunity to work with many dedicated folks to save the majority of those considered “healthy and treatable.”

My writings and podcasts will attempt to take an unvarnished look at the many challenges arising at the intersection of community, animal advocacy, and companion animals. It is my hope that from honest conversations will come the life-saving innovation that ultimately encourages a kinder, more compassionate, and enlightened, humane community.

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Susan Russell
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