Keeping the Kisses Coming - Little Orange Buddha
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Keeping the Kisses Coming

There are just so many kisses to be had. So many just waiting to be given. So much love waiting to get out. All right there in your local municipal shelter. In Chicago, that’s Chicago Animal Care and Control, located at 2741 S. Western. You can adopt, foster, volunteer or promote the animals that are awaiting their second chance.

Saving lives means focusing on those most at risk, and sustaining that focus. This little book can start the conversation with kids … which is where we need to focus … to create the responsible pet stewards and animal rescue warriors of the future. You don’t even need to purchase a book, though you can if you want the hard copy version just go to Amazon. I have a downloadable pdf full color that I can email you. Just message me that you’d like a copy, and I’ll email you over one. You can share it with whomever and print out a million copies.

Let’s just get the message out there: Shelter pets are indeed worth saving!

Sarah Lauch from Live Like Roo put her mastery into a video with the story brilliantly narrated called Shelter Dog Kisses

Check it out! This video is another great way to spread the good word.

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